Amazing sightseeing & excellent stay in Bella Vita

  1. Tour’s name: Amazing sightseeing & excellent stay in Bella Vita.
  2. Price (VND, child 7 – 10 years old: discount 50%, child 0 – 6 years old: free)

Mid-week (Sun – Thu)

Weekend (Fri-Sat)



included 5% service charge, 10% VAT, tour agenda, 3 bottled water Dasani 330ml and 2 cool tissues.

  1. Required number of guest: at least 6 adults
  2. Bus & tour guide: provided by the hotel
  3. Tour agenda:

Day 1:



Note / Introduction


·       Depart from Sai Gon

Guests have lunch by themselves, and gather in one place for pick-up by hotel’s bus.


·       Visit Green Lake

Green Lake, the best place for shooting, located in Tan Thanh District, Ba Ria Vung Tau Province. The lake is famous for its green colour and the surrounding poetic landscape.


·       Lunch at Long Huong Banh Canh Restaurant

Provincial special: 1 bowl, 1 glass of iced-tea, 1 cool tissue/guest

12.00 – 14.30

·       Check in and take a nap at the Bella Vita


14.30 – 16.30

·       Visit Mount. Minh Dam


Explore a network of stone caves and swim in the freshwater pools of the Minh Dam Mountains. Stroll through lush green forests and spot monkeys playing in the trees high above. 

Renamed in 1948 to honor two revolutionary martyrs, the Minh Dam Mountains were a strategic base during wars against France and the U.S. Most of the original buildings have been destroyed. However, look for glimpses of some of the original fortifications as well as stunning mountain scenery and the fascinating network of caves.

·       Visit Hon Mot Pagoda

The temple is commonly known as Hon Mot Pagoda, located in Phuoc Hai Commune, Dat Do District, Ba Ria - Vung Tau Province. The pagoda belongs to the Mahayana Mahayana sect (Grand Master Hue Nhut enlightened). This ancient temple was located at the top of Hon Mot hill over 64 years. In 1918 and 1945, during the French war, the United States devastated the pagoda Linh Quang Tinh Xa Hon Mot. On May 14, 1993, Ba Ria - Vung Tau authorities handed over 4.6 hectares of Hon Mot Hill to the Monk Tu Ha Giang from the construction of a Buddhist temple. He has embellished, expanded the pagoda in recent years, creating a pure, dignified place of study. From the temple courtyard overlooking the blue sea, cool wind, visitors feel the relaxed, extremely peaceful. He vowed throughout his life studying the Dharma, the blessing of the Buddha, choosing the method of charity learning to benefit and enjoy the coast of Pure Land.

16.30 – 18.30

·       Guests to be set free

·       Visit Phuoc Hai Town

·       Shopping and swimming


18.30 – 20.30

·       Dinner at the Bella Vita

·       Karaoke

Fried croutons

Rammed shrimp with tamarind

Salty rammed chicken with lemon leaf

Fried peas with bacon

Braised snakehead fish

Crayfish hotpot with crab

Rice, fruit & iced tea


·       Guests set to be free / Rest


Day 2:



Note / Introduction


·       Breakfast at the Bella Vita


08.00 – 11.00

·       Visit Binh Chau Phuoc Buu Nature Reserve.

With the total area of 11,293ha, the nature reserve contains three areas of low hills including Hong Nhung group (reaches 118m) in the north, Ho Linh group (reaches 162m) in the south, and Mo Ong group (reaches 120m) in the west. There are very few streams and lakes within the nature reserve such as Nhom and Tron swamps, Coc and Linh lakes and Binh Chau hot spring.

11.00 – 12.00

·       Lunch and check out

Salad selection

Salty rammed pork ribs

Fried broccoli with shrimp

Phuoc Hai fried fish steak stuffed with tofu.

Fried squid

Rice, fruit & iced tea.

12.30 – 13.30

·       Visit lamb hill. Leave for Sai Gon. The tour to end.

Lamb hill, located on Suoi Nghe, Chau Duc District, Ba Ria Vung Tau Province, is famous for the sheep and green field. Visitors are attracted by the natural landscape, and take photos (charged by the sheep owners).

nui minh dam
banh canh long huong
doi cuu suoi nghe
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chua hon mot
khu bao ton thien nhien binh chau phuoc buu